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Avalair Group is a privately held, vertically integrated real estate company. Diversified across acquisition, management, value-add, development and dealmaking, we operate in both core and non-core markets across the Northeast.

Nominally, Avalair Group is a young offshoot of our parent entity, The Eisen Organization, a prominent New Jersey-based firm with interests across commercial real estate, residential assets, and cell tower consultancy. We developed the Avalair name in 2018 to create a more focused hierarchy for our real estate ecosystem.

Our Sister Company

The Avalair Group Areas of Activity

All hands and minds on deck!
Avalair’s current holdings portfolio consists of more than 3,800,000 square feet in premium assets. Every square foot was acquired, stabilized, and now continues to be managed in-house under our value-add and yield maximization programs.

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Avalair Group Philosophy

Aggressive Prudence

The Avalair approach is a study in watchful patience. Since inception, our ideal was to position the firm for long-term sustainability rather than volatile, sporadic gains.

That helped us carve out a unique niche through strategic acquisition, cutting-edge development, innovative leasing and quality property management.

Impeccable timing

Our portfolio is proof that good deals come to those who wait. And yet, we are regarded as one of the most proactive and prolific real estate firms in the region.

These dichotomic elements are reconciled in our hawk-eyed awareness of market trends. By knowing more we act less, and consistently identify and develop projects with competitive strengths and stable yield.

Undue diligence

For 1.5 decades, we have demonstrated an affinity for communication that’s clear to the point of transparent. That model is telling of our excessive firm-wide diligence.

From lively communication with stake- and leaseholders; to seamless execution on all management responsibilities; to our renowned proficiency in legal matters—Avalair goes above and beyond.

Market Sovereignty Through Marked Leadership

Norman Eisen

Founder & CEO

Barry Goldbrenner


Simcha Fishman

First Vice President

Mark Landsman

Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions

Martin Zaks

Mergers and Acquisitions

Abe Greenspan

Property Manager

Sara Baum

Accounting Manager

Molly Lopian

Executive Assistant